Israel Ranks Third in Consumption of Vegetables, Sweets

According to OECD figures, Israel ranks third in the world in terms of vegetable consumption, behind Greece and Turkey, and third in sweet consumption.

Israelis are global leaders when it comes to eating their vegetables, according to OECD figures.

With the average Israeli eating an estimated 197.6 kilograms of veggies every year, Israel ranks third in the world in terms of vegetable consumption, behind Greece (257 kilograms ) and Turkey (252.2 kilograms ).

Nir Kafri

Israelis also like their sweets, downing an average of 38.8 kilograms per person each year, according to OECD figures. Here, too, Israel ranks third, trailing behind Luxembourg (59.8 kilograms ) and Iceland (53.1 kilograms ).

What else is on the Israeli menu? Lots of legumes - 5.1 kilograms per person a year, in fact, again putting Israel in third place. Mexico is first on the list, at 8.4 kilograms per person annually, and Canada is second, at 6.6 kilograms.

So what aren't Israelis eating? Compared to others, they don't eat many eggs. Of the 25 countries that participated in the survey, Israel ranks 21st in egg consumption, with a mere 6.7 kilograms per capita. First is Mexico (19.4 kilograms ), and second is Luxembourg (16.2 kilograms ).

Israel does decently when it comes to beef consumption, ranking ninth in the OECD, at 68.3 kilograms per person. Of the nations ranked, Portugal comes in first, at 105.9 kilograms per person, followed by Greece, at 103.8 kilograms (Mediterranean diet, anyone? ). Note that this ranking does not include any of the countries in South America, where consumption is likely higher.

Despite the impression that Israelis don't eat much fish, the country falls in the middle of the rankings here, too. At 13.4 kilograms per person, Israel comes in 13th. At the top of the list is Portugal, at 45.2 kilograms per person, followed by Iceland, at 38.6 kilograms.