Iscar, Cyclone Close to Major Supply Deal

International transportation firm Bombardier is in advanced talks with Iscar and Cyclone Aviation Products that would make the two local companies regular suppliers for its factories worldwide. Representatives of the companies will meet this week to discuss ramping up cooperation.

Iscar, which was bought up by Warren Buffett last year, may supply cutting tools to Bombadier Transformation factories in Europe.

Contacts with Cyclone, part of the Elbit Systems group, are moving toward turning the aviation supply firm into a supplier for Bombadier's sister company, Bombadier Aviation. The deals could be worth tens of millions of dollars.

Eran Cohen, marketing and development director of Bombadier Transportation Israel, said the company is in talks with additional local companies, which are potential suppliers. He is committed not only to reciprocal purchases but rather as an Israeli has an interest in promoting local companies in the international market, he said.

Cohen added that after winning government train tenders, Bombadier is committed to make a reciprocal purchase in Israel worth 120 million euros. The company has already spent 77 million euros in the country.

TheMarker Hebrew edition yesterday reported that the aviation cooperation authority headed by Bina Bar-On is pressuring Bombadier to cut down delays in carrying out its reciprocal purchases.