How Long You Need to Work for Adele's New Album

"21," by Adele costs 47% more in Israel than it does in the United States and Europe.

Adele's album "21" costs 47% more in Israel than it does in the United States and Europe. Israelis don't only pay more, they also earn less: Minimum wage in Israel is NIS 22.04 per hour, while in Britain it's the equivalent of NIS 35.98 and in New York it's the equivalent of NIS 27.37. Israeli music lovers need to work 75 to 95 minutes more than their counterparts in New York and Britain in order to buy Adele's hit album.

Album sales remain popular, despite the prevalence of illegal downloads and YouTube. The British singer Adele released her album "21" a year ago, and since then 13 million copies have been sold. In 2011, it was the best-selling album in Apple's virtual iTunes store, and it is Britain's best-selling album of the century.

Adele has been a hit in Israel as well, with 30,000 albums sold here. While the list price is NIS 79.90, many are sold for discounts of about 25%, or NIS 61. Yet Americans are still paying less, at no more than NIS 45.

Lev Group Media, the album's franchise holder in Israel, stated, "During non-holiday periods, Adele's album is sold abroad for the catalog price, which is higher than the figure you quoted. Various stores around Israel offer deeper discounts, such as two albums for NIS 100. We are not responsible for the end price to consumers."