How Long You Need to Work for a Nature Valley Granola Bar

A box of the granola bars costs 70% more in Israel than it does in Britain and 117% more than it does in the United States.

Israel's market for snack bars for adults turns over NIS 137 million a year.

The two leading brands, Strauss Group's Energy series of bars and General Mills' Nature Valley, command a 54% share of the market.

The average price per 100 grams of Nature Valley, which is imported from the United States, is 20% cheaper than Strauss' local brand and is about the same price as rival products such as Corny, which is imported from Germany.

But it still can't compare with prices abroad.

General Mills is a multinational that owns Pillsbury, Haagen Dasz and other super-brands. The average price of Nature Valley bars in Israel is NIS 16.40 for a box of five units, according to the Storenext marketing research company, General Mills said.

The price gap is due to the cost of transportation, the added cost of kashrut and the cost of making packaging in Hebrew, according to General Mills.

Despite these added costs, the company said, its package is 40% bigger than that of rival companies.