How Long You Need to Work for a Baby Gym

The Rainforest Gym is 74% more expensive in Israel than in New York and about 62% more expensive than in Britain. What makes it so much harder to afford in Israel is the gap in wages.

The well-known Fisher-Price brand belongs to toy giant Mattel, which has a number of other leading brands, such as Barbie and Matchbox.

Fisher-Price is the world's largest toy company in terms of sales, which are expected to rise about 5% for all of 2011 compared to 2010.

The Israeli baby toys market makes up 16% of the total baby products market and is worth some NIS 176 million a year, according to figures from BDI.

Baby gyms, known in Israel as "universities," and activity blankets from other companies such as Playskool are sold at an average price of some NIS 250, much less than Fisher-Price's Rainforest Gym.

Sakal Toys, the official and exclusive importer of Fisher-Price in Israel, said: "The recommended price for the consumer in Europe is 80 euros, based on the recommended price for consumers in baby-store chains. Israel operates under the auspices of Mattel Europe and therefore the price is NIS 423. Customs duties in Israel are 12% compared to 4% taxes in Europe."