Histadrut to Shut Down Part of Local Government From Wed

Union protesting nonpayment of back-wages to local authorities, religious council workers

The Histadrut labor federation announced today that from Wednesday, it will be shutting down part of the services provided by local government, to protest nonpayment of owed wages to workers at local authorities, fire departments and religious councils.

A list of the offices and services to strike will be released on Tuesday evening.

Ofer Eini, the chairman of the umbrella labor organization, said after consulting with guild leaders that another reason for the strike is the government's failure to deposit provisions in workers' provident funds, training funds and pension funds.

"We declared a labor dispute on July 12, but then the war in the north broke out," Eini said. "Since the dispute was declared, we have reached several understandings with the Finance Ministry and the Interior Ministry regarding full payment of debt to the local authority workers, but the agreements were not executed."

He said he hopes negotiations toward resolving the issues can begin between union and government officials before the strike begins.