Hanegbi May Rejoin Rat Race

Former Kadima MK Tzachi Hanegbi, suspended from the Knesset last week after his perjury sentencing, is considering taking a job in the private sector - even though he is still receiving a partial salary from the Knesset.

Hanegbi received one offer to be chairman of Caspi Cruise Line 2010, owned by Likud central Committee member Doron Shuster, but yesterday Hanegbi said he had turned down the offer. He said he wold have a hard time finding the time required to carry out such a central position and he preferred to concentrate on areas where his contribution would be more significant.

"I want to wake up in the morning and go to work," said Hanegbi yesterday morning. "At the end of the present Knesset, I plan on returning to public life," he added.

Hanegbi said he has a number of other offers, but refused to provide any details.

The cruise line has changed its name a number of times, most recently when Shuster bought the firm from Caspi.

Caspi made the headlines in March when it was revealed that a number of alleged underworld figures were partners in running the casinos on their ships.