Grocery Group Submits Mega Bid by Deadline

Consortium of 13 supermarkets offers $36.4 million for 77 stores.

Ofer Vaknin

A group of small- and medium-sized supermarkets submitted their bid to buy most of the Mega chain’s supermarkets just ahead of the deadline on Monday, but another bidder looked like it may be dropping out.

The grocery group, comprising 13 chains that would divide the Mega stores among themselves if they win, offered 140 million shekels ($36.3 million) for 77 of Mega’s 126 supermarkets. The consortium submitted its bid at the last possible moment, after it went through changes in membership and leadership that delayed its offer.

But TheMarker has learned that a bid by a group led by produce wholesaler Bikurey Hasade may drop out of the race, even though it had been seen as the most likely winner. If that happens, it will leave the discount supermarket chain Rami Levy and the supermarket groups as the sole bidders.