Government to Appoint Economic Concentration Czar

Sources say new commissioner will focus first on the allocation of state assets.

The government is to create a new regulatory position - a commissioner for reducing economic concentration - responsible for supervising the implementation of recommendations by the economic concentration committee.

Sources said the new commissioner will focus first on the allocation of state assets and the question of forcing conglomerates to choose between holdings in financial or non-financial companies.

At a later stage the commissioner may employ a staff and have his or her authority expanded.

The new commissioner'srole is being created instead of a proposed committee, in order to prevent any single body from exercising control over too large a swath of critical infrastructure.

The committee's recommendations to lower the cost of living, reduce economic concentration and limit monopolies will be presented to the Ministerial Committee for Legislation next week.

If the Ministerial Committee approves the bill it will be presented to the Knesset for voting. Knesset sources say they hope to complete the legislative process before the Knesset summer recess at the end of July.