From Monday Expect Disruptions in Air Traffic to and From Israel

Workers of the civil Airports Authority may escalate to full-blown strike over reorganization of jobs

From Monday expect disruptions in air traffic to and from Israel, after workers of the civil Airports Authority decided to exercise their right to strike.

Under law, workers may strike if a labor dispute is declared (and approved by the union) two weeks ahead of sanctions. Now the workers are exercising that right, in protest at alleged unilateral moves by management to change the government department's structure.

The workers argue that the changes hurt their terms of employment.

The workers convened on Sunday at mid-day, during regular working hours, at Ben Gurion International Airport by Tel Aviv, and decided to take steps, starting with sanctions and possibly escalating to a full-blown strike.

The workers will block "extra-schedule" flights, which means that additional lines designed to relieve congestion, or charter flights, will not be able to land. 

Nor will they test planes, which means that jets due for inspection will be grounded.

Israel Aircraft Industries projects that depend on various approvals from the civil Airports Authority could also be frozen, and practical tests of pilots and technicians will be canceled.