Ex-Tnuva Official Charged With NIS 7.9m Theft From Former Bosses

Former director of communications department at dairy company Tnuva was indicted Wednesday over alleged theft of electronic equipment and services.

A former director of the communications department at dairy company Tnuva was indicted Wednesday over the alleged theft of around NIS 7.9 million worth of electronic equipment and services from the company, with an accomplice.

Former Tnuva employee Yafim Perlov and Raziel Punis were charged by the Tel Aviv district prosecutor's office. The indictment includes allegations of theft, conspiracy and false record keeping. According to the charge sheet, Perlov worked on Tnuva's behalf as the contact person for the company's cell-phone service providers, including Cellcom, which Tnuva contracted to provide cellular equipment and service. Under the terms of the contract, the charge sheet adds, Tnuva did not pay for the equipment but only for the service.

According to the indictment, Punis' firm, Pelecom Investments, sold electronic equipment and installed cell phones in cars, and the two conspired to have Perlov give Punis cellular equipment provided by Cellcom for use by Tnuva's employees. It is also alleged that the two agreed that Punis would issue fictitious invoices to show that Pelecom had provided car installation services to Tnuva that were never performed.

Large array of equipment

According to the allegations, Perlov fraudulently received a large array of electronic equipment - including cell phones, laptop computers and tablet computers - from Cellcom and gave them to Punis and in return received a number of items - including 30 televisions for Perlov's personal use and for use by Perlov's relatives.