Elisra Suspends 200 Workers Because of Labor Sanctions

Workers say the transfer of activity to Holon is meant to cover up widespread layoffs

The defense electronics firm Elisra yesterday suspended 200 of its workers who imposed labor sanctions, in protest of a move from Bnei Brak to Holon.

The management of Elisra, which is owned by Elbit Systems and Elta, sent letters to the 200 employees, who constitute a quarter of all regular employees in the company, notifying them they had been suspended for an unlimited time, and that they would receive no salary during their suspension.

The management said the suspensions followed employee sanctions that jeopardized the firm's operations.

All of Elisra's employees are participating in the sanctions, and subsequently, the management intends to send suspension letters to additional workers.

Among the recipients of suspension letters, was the chairman of Elisra's technicians' committee, Yaakov Tsur.
The workers are protesting the decision to move transfer Elisra's production and marketing operations from Bnei Brak to Holon.

The workers say the transfer of activity to Holon is meant to cover up widespread layoffs.

The Histadrut labor federation says that since the appointment of Yitzhak Gat as Elisra's CEO and the acquisition of control of the company by Elbit and Elta, "management has undermined the economic rights of employees and impaired their right to unionize within the Histadrut."

An Elisra spokesman said in response: "Elisra sees the need, at this stage, to transfer 20 employees to the Holon site."