Election Day Facts

There's no law but employers usually pay double

Though Election Day is an official holiday in Israel, at least 2.5 million salaried employees are expected to work this March 28.

It is estimated that most of the private sector will conduct business as usual, while the public sector takes the day off.

According to the Knesset Election Law, an employee who has worked at his current place of employment for at least 14 days during the two months preceding elections is entitled to regular wages for taking off Election Day.

Attorney Hila Porat of HPS Ltd., a member of the Kav Manhe (Trendline) group, said there is no definitive legislation regarding the payment of employees who end up working on Election Day.

Despite that, she said that interpretation of the law and past recommendations by the Manufacturers Association suggest that employers should pay workers twice their regular wages for working on Election Day.

Businesses that will operate on Election Day include service providers, such as transportation, communications services, water, electricity, and gas, parking facilities, restaurants, cafes, kiosks, hotels, moving companies, movie theaters and other recreational sites, factories and agricultural facilities that maintain round-the-clock production lines, newspapers, and radio and television stations.

Produce and dairy product transporters will continue to work until 11:00 A.M. Food stores will be open between 6:00 A.M. and 12:00 P.M. And workers who bake and transport bread or produce dairy products also will work on Election Day.