El Al Served Non-kosher Food on Moscow-Tel Aviv Flight Last Week

Strike at Ben Gurion delayed the flight for day; chucked kosher meals and bought tuna sandwiches, fruit

The Israeli airline El Al served food that did not bear a kashruth label on a flight from Moscow to Israel last weekend.

The flight had been delayed for a day in Russia because of the strike at Ben Gurion International Airport by Tel Aviv. The food the company had brought from Israel went bad during the day's wait and was thrown out.

El Al served the passengers a tuna fish sandwich and fruit that it had bought in Moscow. Before taking off, it warned passengers that no hot food would be served on the flight.

Although tuna is considered kosher, the food did not bear certification labels as the regulations require.

"Because of the strike on Wednesday, an El Al plane was forced to wait more than 24 hours at the airport in Moscow, from landing there until permitted to fly bck to Israel. because of the delay, the company had to destroy the kosher food portions brought from Israel, and purchased tuna sandwiches and fruit for the passengers. El Al announced over the loudspeakers that because of the flight, no hot meal would be served on the flight, instead of which tuna sandwiches, fruit and snacks would be provided."