Discounts Won't Cover Most Milk Products

The price of cottage cheese is to remain reduced, but other dairy product prices will not.

The dairies may have announced on Wednesday that they're lowering the price of cottage cheese, but other milk products are just as expensive as they used to be.

The three dairies - Tnuva, Strauss and Tara - raised their prices by 5% to 7% over the past two months.

The dairies cut the price of cottage cheese in the wake of a consumer boycott over the price, which reached NIS 7.50 per container.

TheMarker found that most supermarket chains will continue offering cottage cheese for reduced prices through next week. Afterward, it will be sold for NIS 5.49, a price the dairies agreed to maintain through the end of the year, but other dairy products will return to their usual prices.

Over the past two weeks, most of the chains discounted many of their dairy products, including white cheese. While customers generally pay NIS 8 for 250 grams of white cheese, over the last two weeks the containers were going for NIS 5. The Abba Victory supermarket chain, for example, will keep selling cottage cheese at the reduced price of NIS 4.90, but white cheese will go back to NIS 6.80, up from its sale price of NIS 4.98.

While other chains will continue running sales for the next week, they have no commitments to do so afterward.

Co-Op Israel, which runs the Mister Zol and Maman supermarkets, will be extending its sale on dairy products - they're being sold at pre-VAT prices for customer club members who buy above a certain sum - through the end of the week.

"They did indeed cut the price of cottage cheese, but you need to remember that the issue involves dairy products in general," said Co-Op Israel CEO Rami Mendel. "Therefore we decided not to charge VAT on all 400 dairy products we carry. We saw that customers were very pleased with the deal, so we decided to keep it running."

Rami Levy, owner of Rami Levy Shivuk Hashikma, said, "We have a sale on Tara white cheese for NIS 4.90 per container, and it will be going on through the end of the week. It doesn't cost more to produce white cheese than it does cottage. If the producers can cut the price of cottage cheese, there's no reason not to cut the price of white cheese, also."