Civil Service Reforms to Return Hiring Power to Ministries

Civil Service Commission would supervise ministries writing their own tenders and choosing their candidates.

Government ministries may be allowed to hire their own employees - a right they once lost to the Civil Service Commission - as part of civil service reforms.

The proposal is one of two major changes suggested by the committee on reforming the civil service, although it has yet to formulate its official recommendations.

If the changes are approved, ministries would write and publish their own tenders and choose their candidates, while the Civil Service Commission would supervise the procedure.

The second major change would be to build an individual plan of advancement for civil servants, similar to the way the Israel Defense Forces manages its manpower. Each government employee would have limits set on the amount of time they would spend in each position, with a clear path for advancement, professional training and renumeration, which could also include performance-related bonuses for excellence.

The committee is jointly headed by Civil Service Commissioner Moshe Dayan and the director general of the Prime Minister's Office, Harel Locker.

The committee was established by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a year ago and is tasked with finding ways to improve the civil service.