Chaos, Arrests at Miele Kitchens

Affairs at the luxury Miele Warendorf kitchen manufacturer have taken a tough turn for customers a week after TheMarker reported that the store was in serious financial trouble.

Many customers have yet to receive the goods they paid for, and in an attempt to ease their plight the owner tried to find a partial solution last week. A number of kitchens are tied up at the Ashdod Port, even though they have been paid for. Miele does not have the money to release the goods from customs and offered some customers a chance to put up the sum needed to release the goods.

The owner offered to give the customers electrical appliances to hold as a guarantee until the goods are delivered. The owner invited the customers to come at 11:30 P.M. on Saturday night to take the appliances. But an uninvited customer showed up and demanded goods, and the owner called the police - accusing all the customers of stealing. The customers were detained and released after giving statements. Some, it seems, even received their appliances.