CellMax to Provide Biometrics Technology to Panama

Technology identifies and verifies human voice for access control

CellMax Systems and Multitek Corp of Panama City today announced an impending five-year distribution agreement, under which the Israeli voice biometrics startup will supply identification and verification technology to Panama's call center sector. No value was disclosed.

CellMax Systems specializes in highly accurate identification and verification of the human voice for access control. The two companies have entered an memorandum of understanding, they said.

The company?s product range includes ID management and security applications for the telecom, financial and security markets.

In targeting the call center market, the partners intend to provide improved secure voice-based e-commerce transactions over telecommunications networks.

In over-network transactions, voice has shown to be the least invasive, most readily available and the only technology that can be applied over phone lines.

Multitek will serve as both local integrator and regional distributor for CellMax Systems? technology for call/contact centers, with exclusive license in the Panamanian market, and non-exclusive activity in the neighboring markets of Costa Rica and Colombia.

Multitek is the official local partner to Cisco, Polaroid, HP, Hyundai, Linux, Olympus, Sharp among others, providing technology to Panama?s burgeoning contact center industry, as well as financial institutions and security agencies.