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Anti-Trust Authority will look into potential price-fixing at cafes

The antitrust authority will examine possible violations by the country's major cafe chains following a report in TheMarker that they colluded not to lower prices following the entry of new low-cost cafe chain Cofix into the market. In an interview on Army Radio, antitrust chief David Gilo said he would examine the matter after reading the initial report in TheMarker. Economy Minister Naftali Bennett, speaking with The Marker by phone from India, said while he had no authority to order an investigation into the coffee chains, he had strongly encouraged Gilo to do so. (Adi Dovrat-Meseritz)

Two credit card companies fined for money laundering

The committee that monitors money laundering in the banking sector levied fines on two major Israeli credit companies for violating the law, the Bank of Israel said Thursday. Israel Credit Cards-Cal was fined NIS 6 million and Leumi Card NIS 1.2 million. ICC-Cal was found to have cleared payments for a website involved in gambling, pornography and medicines sold without prescription in financial activity that largely dated to 2007 and 2008. Leumi Card was cited for reporting failures dating back to 2008 and 2009, which included failure to verify the identity of card holders with the Population Registry or to report unusual activity on credit card accounts. (Sivan Aizescu)

Ben-Zvi fails to pay Maariv staff on time

Publisher Shlomo Ben-Zvi failed to pay his employees at the newspapers Maariv and Makor Rishon on time Thursday for the fourth time since he took over Maariv late last year. Employees expressed anger over management's failure to inform them ahead of time that their salaries would not be deposited on the 10th of the month. For its part, management claimed that the delay was due to technical difficulties and that it would be rectified Thursday morning. However, by the afternoon employees had yet to be paid. (Nati Tucker)

Shlomo Ben-ZviCredit: Moti Kimchi