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Study program for ad executives launched

A study program for senior advertising industry executives was launched on Tuesday in cooperation with the Berlin School of Creative Leadership. One track will teach creative entrepreneurship and a second will teach creative leadership, with part of the program taking place at the Cannes Film Festival. The impetus for the new program came from the desire of senior executives at the Israel Advertising Association to improve the knowledge of business and customer needs in the local industry. (Nati Tucker)

Israel Consumer Council to launch website in Arabic

The Israel Consumer Council said on Tuesday it planned to launch a website in Arabic to promote consumer awareness among Israeli Arabs. The decision to launch the website came after it was learned that the rate of consumer complaints from Israeli Arabs is low. A sizable share of Israeli Arabs, the council found, was not aware that they can seek redress in small claims court, the council noted. “The common denominator for all citizens and residents is that we are all consumers,” said CEO Ehud Peleg. (Gabriela Davidovich-Weisberg)

Pelephone signs cell phone industry’s first labor agreement

Pelephone, Israel’s third-largest cellular telephony company, on Tuesday signed the mobile industry’s first collective labor agreement ever with the Histadrut labor federation and the company’s worker’s’ committee. As part of the agreement, the union agreed to the laying off of dozens of employees, but in return won benefits that include a 12% increase in salaries, provison for an advanced-training training fund and requires the union be consulted before any employees are laid off in the future. (Haim Bior)

Can you hear me now? Whether your network is Pelephone or not, your pelephone can connect you.Credit: Haim Taragan