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Bank of Jerusalem employees join Histadrut

Bank of Jerusalem employees declared yesterday that they had formed a union and joined the Histadrut labor federation, making them the last of Israel's local bank employees to unionize. The Histadrut succeeded in signing two thirds of the bank's employees in a stealth organizing drive. The bank has 550 employees and as of last year only had 17 branches across the country. Bank employees established an action committee to represent their interests and secure a collective bargaining agreement. (Haim Bior)

Dan Hotels CEO to leave job at year's end

Dan Hotels CEO Ami Hirschstein announced yesterday that he intended to end his tenure at the company at the end of this year, after serving 25 years in the company' management. He said he would continue to be active in the fields where he acquired years of experience. The company ended 2012 with a net profit of NIS 137.7 million, after netting NIS 80.1 million in 2011. Hirschstein was paid NIS 4.28 million last year, including a bonus of NIS 2.79 million for the company's 2011 financial results. This year he is expected to receive a bonus of NIS 2.75 million for the company's 2012 financial results. (Rina Rozenberg and Eran Azran)

Enlight gets provisional Golan wind farm license

Enlight Renewable Energy has received a conditional license from Israel's Public Utility Authority – Electricity to place 34 wind turbines, capable of producing 102 Megawatts of electricity, in the Golan Heights. The company plans to help create the country's largest wind energy project. Until now, Enlight has focused on solar energy projects using photovoltaic technology. The most basic version of the wind farm envisioned would generate 58 Megawatts of electricity and require an investment of NIS 450 million. According to forecasts, such a project would generate annual revenue of NIS 80 million per year for the next two decades. (Yoram Gabison)