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Ministerial committee bans sale of livers from force-fed geese

The Ministerial Committee for Legislation on Sunday approved a bill that would ban the sale of livers from force-fed geese and ducks, even if the procedure did not take place in Israel. The bill was proposed by MK Dov Lipman (Yesh Atid ) saying he was inspired by a California law that not only bans force-feeding geese, but also selling liver produced outside the state. About a decade ago Israel's High Court of Justice ruled force-feeding illegal but didn't ban the sale of goose liver. "This is an exciting day for anyone with a conscience who knows that animals suffer just like us," said Lipman after the bill was approved.(Ora Coren)

Twin skyscrapers to be built at entrance to Jerusalem

Construction of twin 30-story skyscrapers at the main entrance to Jerusalem was approved yesterday by the district planning and building committee. The towers, which will be used as offices and hotels will sit above a six floor commercial center, are the first in a new master plan for turning the entrance to the city into a center for business, tourism, cultural activity and leisure. The committee also approved plans for an 18-story office building at Har Hotzvim and for 310 housing units in the Israel Broadcasting Authority compound in the Romema quarter. (Raz Smolsky )

Israel Electric union chief cited for blocking power

The chairman of the workers committee at the state-owned Israel Electric Corporation allegedly told staff not to link a private electricity firm that is building a power plant, to the national power grid. IEC's David (Miko) Tzarfati reportedly told an employee of the rival company, Dalia Power Energies, what he did and it is now contained in a complaint submitted by the Antitrust Commission to the antitrust tribunal seeking an injunction against the IEC, its workers committee and the Histadrut labor federation. IEC workers came to the Dalia construction site to connect the grid but left without performing the work after receiving an order from Tzarfati. Dalia has since had to make do with power from generators. (Avi Bar-Eli)

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals campaigns against the sale of foie gras, made from the liver of specially fattened duck or goose by force feeding, London, March, 20, 2013.Credit: AP