Business in Brief

Maariv to shutter business and sports sections, and outsource instead

The publisher of Makor Rishon and the new owner of the Maariv Hebrew daily, Shlomo Ben Zvi, plans to close the sports and business desks of his latest acquisition. He will get sports news from the Sports Channel and use the services of the Globes business daily for Maariv's business news. The paper's new management has started negotiations with the two content providers. The move will lead to more firings at the troubled paper, but no deal has been reached yet with either Globes or the Sports Channel. (Nati Tucker )

Mega raises prices, taking Super-Sol's lead

The Mega supermarket chain raised prices on Monday, following the lead of its larger rival, Super-Sol, which raised prices Sunday. Mega, owned by Alon Holdings Blue Square Israel, raised prices on most of its goods, including many popular products from companies such as Unilever, Osem and Coca-Cola. Prices for all dairy products from Strauss, Tara and Tnuva Food Industries went up. Mega said the increases were in line with the price hikes dictated by its suppliers. The company did not comment on whether it would raise prices for its store brands, as Super-Sol has done, though it is expected to do so by a few percent. Deep-discount supermarket operator Rami Levy Shivuk Hashikma has said it will not mark up prices on inventories in stock that it purchased at the old prices. (Gabriela Davidovich-Weisberg )

Steinmetz is sole Israeli on Bloomberg list of world's wealthiest

Businessman Beny Steinmetz, owner of mining interests in Africa, real estate and much else, was the only Israeli to make Bloomberg Markets' list of the world's 200 wealthiest individuals. The news organization estimated his personal wealth at around $8.1 billion, according to a survey by Bloomberg News. It said Steinmetz, 56, saw the value of his assets grow by 2.8% from the start of the year. The world's richest person is Mexico's Carlos Slim, with a net worth of $77.5 billion. Microsoft founder Bill Gates was No. 2 and Amancio Ortega, whose holdings include the Zara apparel chain, was third. (Ora Coren )

Better Place, the yacht at least, is still afloat

It might not be the best timing, coming just as electric car company Better Place is facing serious challenges, a new CEO and a desperate need for more cash. But Idan Ofer, the controlling owner of main Better Place investor the Israel Corporation, has just launched his new yacht named, what else, Better Place. The sporty sailing yacht is 50.5 meters long and can accommodate 20 passengers. In contrast to the all-electric Better Place cars, the yacht is a hybrid, with a diesel generator and electric motors putting out 957 horsepower. The yacht is one of the first to receive a Green Star rating from the RINA classification society, guaranteeing the ship's environmental bona fides including "green" construction methods and materials. Ofer declined to comment. (Daniel Schmil )