Bill, Safra and Craig R Explain Why

What do Microsoft chairman Bill Gates and Safra Katz, the ex-Israeli president of Oracle, and Intel chairman Craig Barrett have in common?

OK, quite a lot. They are household names in more than tech circles, for one thing, and none is about to hit the poorhouse. For another, they all star in a Ministry of Industry and Trade promo for investment in Israel.

The promotional clip featuring compliments in four languages was screened for the first time at a conference for economic attaches.

The clips consist of these world leaders (tech-wise, at least) explaining their decisions to invest in Israel, and how that investment contributed to their global success.

Gates declares on-screen that the quality of education is one of the unique key elements in Israel. Katz gushes that Israel is an amazing font of breakthrough ideas.

Craig R. Barrett clarifies that Intel chose Israel by virtue of the land's "educational infrastructure", the availability of talented manpower and the positive attitude of the government. There, finally somebody said it.