Biggest 20 Builders Made Combined Sales of $4.4 Billion in 2006

D&B found the biggest remained Housing & Construction with revenues of $857 million in 2006

The combined revenues of Israel's 20 biggest construction companies increased by 13% in the year 2006 compared with the year before, to $4.4 billion, calculates Dun's & Bradstreet.

D&B's rating of the 100 biggest construction companies found that the No. 1 remains Housing & Construction Holdings (TASE:  HUCN), with revenues of $857 million in 2006, an increase of 0.5% compared with the year before.

Its biggest projects include a desalination plant in Hadera and the Carmel Tunnel project in Haifa, which it's doing together with Ashtrom. The company also operates outside Israel, mainly in eastern Euroep and Africa.

Africa Israel (TASE: AFIL)  is in second place with 2006 revenues of $669.3 million, up 6.7% from the year before. It operates mainly in Israel, central and eastern Europe, and the United States, and recently bought properties in Argentina and the Philippines.

Third is Ashtrom Industries (TASE:ASPR), with 2006 revenues of $642 million,  an increase of 11.7% from the year before.

Fourth is Electra Real Estate (TASE:  ELCRE) with $490.2 million in revenues, an increase of 28.4%.

Shafir Engineering made fifth place with revenues of $267.6 million.