Banks Shut for Purim; Gov't Offices Working

In Jerusalem, where holiday is a day later, banks will be closed Wednesday

All banks are closed today, except in Jerusalem, because of the Purim holiday. The TASE is also closed, and no trading will take place.

In Jerusalem, banks will be closed tomorrow, because Purim is celebrated there a day later than the rest of the country.

Internet banking services will work as usual. Any transaction that is carried out, such as transfers into deposit accounts, or withdrawal of cash from an ATM, will be registered on Wednesday.

Government ministries, municipalities, local authorities and other public institutions will work as usual, albeit at somewhat lower-than-usual staffing levels, since Purim is an optional holiday, which employees can take off if they wish.

Therefore, the public may, for instance, line up for longer than usual for a new passport. However, the ministries say they will try to have sufficient staff to serve the public.

Purim is not considered a religious holiday so workers who take the day off will either lose pay or a day from their allotted yearly vacation time.