Avshalom Vilan Blasts Sale of Pi Glilot

MK Avshalom Vilan of Meretz yesterday blasted the tender which put Pi Glilot fuel terminals in the hands of oil baron Yitzhak Tshuva.

The sale "is another example of handing over state assets to oligarchs," he fumed.

Speaking at a hearing of the Knesset Economics Committee that he had called, Vilan said, "Privatizing Pi Glilot and selling it to Delek will divide the fuel market among three major companies - Paz, Delek and Sonol - and preclude competition. It's amazing the tender gave no directive to give a corrective balancing for the small and medium companies."

Vilan called on the government to reconsider, and put competition at the top of its priorities.

Committee chairman Moshe Kahlon (Likud) called on the government to ensure competition in the fuel industry and prevent the concentration of assets and operations in the hands of a few individuals. Kahlon said on behalf of the committee that if competition in the industry is threatened, the antitrust authority would oppose the merger or set conditions to ensure competition. 
Retired justice Theodore Or, who is on the joint committee for selling Pi Glilot, said that it is unacceptable to object to the tender after it has been carried out.