AT&T to Bill by Video Thanks to Israel’s SundaySky

U.S. telecoms giant got idea to use SundaySky clips through the innovation lab that it opened in Raanana in 2010 in cooperation with Amdocs.

AT&T will be receiving account statements in the form of personalized video clips, the American telecommunications giant advised this week - thanks to SundaySky, an Israeli company.

Customers will receive “a personalized, interactive video bill that explains each bill element and unique charge on the monthly statement using clear visuals and voiceover speech that address[es] the customer by name,” as AT&T’s website explains.

The video account statements will be sent to customers by email and will also be posted to the customer’s account on the AT&T website.

AT&T intends to launch the service to all its new customers and to customers who upgrade. During 2013, the service will be made available nationwide.

In May, AT&T began a pilot program of sending the video statements to its television customers. Its post-pilot report revealed that 85 percent of customers found the video statements efficient; 80 percent of the customers viewed the video, which is two to three minutes long, to the end; and there was a significant drop in the number of calls to customer support to clarify account statements.

AT&T reported on its blog that it got the idea through the innovation lab that it opened in Raanana in 2010 in cooperation with Amdocs.

SundaySky owns a platform enabling automatic video creation. Among its customers are Office Depot and Lenovo.

In November 2010, SundaySky officials reported a second fundraising round of $9 million with the participation of Norwest Venture Partners (NVP), Carmel Ventures and Globespan Capital Partners. Another Israeli competitor in the field of billing by automatic personalized videos is idomoo.