Arison Family Sells Q. Elizabeth II Ship to Dubai World

The cruise ship will be berthed for all time at Dubai's palm-shaped artificial island

The Arison family's company Carnival Cruise has sold the Queen Elizabeth II cruise ship to Dubai World for %100 million.

Carnival Cruise is the biggest cruise company in the world. It had operated the QEII via Cunard Line.

Interestingly, the first thing that Dubai World wants to do with the iconic 70,000-ton ship is scuttle it, functionally speaking at least.

The Emirates company will take possession in November 2008, and be berthed for all time at The Palm Jumeirah, which is the palm-tree shaped artificial island that Dubai has been building.

Instead of a luxury liner, the QEII will become a a luxury floating hotel, says Dubai World, a Dubai government company.

The company says that the QEII was launched in September 1967, forty years ago, and that it's Cunard's longest-serving ship. It has sailed around the world 25 times and carried more than 2.5 million people.