Alljobs: Average Pay for Women Is NIS 6,660

Men average NIS 8,500, but women ask for less

It is true that women are getting a bigger chunk of the management and other upper-echelon jobs. But an Alljobs survey found that men still earn more than women, on average.

The average pay for women is NIS 6,660 gross a month, Alljobs found, while men gross an average of NIS 8,500.

Alljobs runs a website offering wanted ads.

It also found an 8% gap between pay expectations (as presented at the job interview, for example) and actual pay. The gap is the same for men and women.

Alljobs CEO Revital Hendler said women expect to be paid NIS 8,000 on average, while  expect NIS 10,500.

"That datum could lead to the conclusion that women share some of the blame for the wage gender discrimination they suffer, by valuing themselves as worth less than men and therefore demanding less pay," Hendler said. Alternatively, they could simply be adjusting to the norms in the labor market.

Alljobs also found that people tend in advance to check out jobs defined as suitable for men or women, and miss jobs that might otherwise suit them.

For instance, 46% of the women the study checked sought administrative jobs, compared with 30% of men. Only 4% of the women sought available positions in engineering, compared with 14% of the men.

Only 8% of the women looked for work in economic advice, compared with 16% of the men. No less than 25% of the women sought work in human resources management, compared with 16% of the men.

Moving onto education and teaching, finally - the sexes reached parity.