After Chairman Quits, Tnuva Workers Call Off Sanctions

Outgoing chairman Shlomo Rodav 'created obstacles' in relations with workers, says union head.

Tnuva's workers have called off their sanctions and will distribute the company's products as usual after the food manufacturer's efficiency-minded chairman resigned this week.

Shlomo Rodav came into conflict with the company's owners, the Apax Partners fund, over plans to boost profitability in the medium to long run, at the expense of the near term. Apax wants to sell Tnuva in the short term, so a hit to profits for the sake of future efficiency is apparently not to its liking.

Before Passover, the workers had stopped distributing cottage cheese (a favorite among consumers), then chocolate milk and finally all Tnuva products. They resumed to avoid upsetting consumers during the holiday, but had planned to continue the sanctions after Passover.

Actually, there has been no progress in the dispute. But Rodav was the "dominant in the negotiations," so his departure augurs well for the talks, Tnuva union head Ahiav Simhi said. Rodav did good things but "created obstacles" in relations with workers, Simhi added.