UK Online Retailer Shop Direct Partners With Israeli Startups

Shop Direct teams up with innovative e-commerce companies Cimagine Media and yRuler.

Cimagine's augmented commerce app
Cimagine's augmented commerce app Cimagine screenshot

UK online retailer Shop Direct is partnering with two Israeli startups, Cimagine Media yRuler after utilizing their new e-commerce technologies, Globes reported.

Cimagine Media created an app that allows customers to visualize how furniture would look in their home and whether it would fit. yRuler's technology allows consumers to virtually try out products before purchasing them by comparing them to items they already own or a similar product.

Both companies' platforms will be moving to live site testing throughout Shop Direct's six digital department store websites. A delegation from the UK company regularly travels to Israel to work with the UK Israel Tech Hub at the British Embassy, which works to promote partnerships in technology between the two countries.

"These new partnerships demonstrate the great potential for collaboration between the UK's leading global retailers and Israeli innovation in ecommerce, augmented reality, analytics and other areas. We believe there is much more room for growth in this sector, connecting Israeli innovation with the world's leading internet economy," UK Israel Tech Hub director Naomi Krieger Carmy was quoted in the report as saying.