BioLineRx Formula Found to Remove Benign Growths

Jerusalem-based Pharma firm BioLineRx announced successful results Tuesday from Phase I/II clinical trials of its BL-5010 formula for removing non-invasive benign skin lesions. The trials, involving 60 patients in Germany and the Netherlands, tested the product's safety and efficacy and evaluated the cosmetic results of the treatment.

Results showed almost total success in removing the wart-like seborrheic keratosis, experienced mostly by older people, which can be unaesthetic and sometimes cause discomfort, pain, bleeding and infection.

Removal is currently performed using cryotherapy, laser treatment or surgery, which can sometimes be painful, invasive, expensive and lead to complications.

The study found that in 96.7% of the cases lesions were gone within 30 days of a single application of the treatment. In a follow-up questionnaire distributed six months later, 94.6% of the doctors and 84% of the patients expressed satisfaction with its cosmetic effects. No prolonged or irreversible clinical side effects were found in the treated area.

BioLineRx CEO Dr. Kinneret Savitsky said the results confirm the company's expectations for the safety and effectiveness of the formula.

"We are evaluating our next regulatory, clinical and business steps," she said. "We are also continuing to intensively develop our other projects along with maintaining a constant search for new projects to enrich the company's product pipeline."

BioLineRx is a Jerusalem-based biopharmaceutical development company traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange with a NIS 392 million market valuation. Almost 60% of its shares are publicly owned. Share prices rose 3.5% following the announcement after slipping 14% since the beginning of the year.