The Shabbat Violator vs the Flying Synagogue?

IsrAir to install Sky Torah on jets to attract the ultra-Orthodox community

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The tooth and claw battle between El Al (TASE: ELAL) and IsrAir over the ultra-Orthodox community has stepped up a notch, with IsrAir's plan to install a holy ark containing a Torah scroll on one of its jets, Reuters reports.

The handwritten parchment would turn the vehicle into a sort of flying synagogue.

El Al recently drew wrath from the religious community after a plane rescued passengers stranded by a strike - in violation of the Sabbath. The airline argued that the flight had been necessary to 'save lives'. There had also been a minor incident in which a long-delayed flight was equipped with tuna sandwiches in lieu of hot meals that had spoiled, but the cold fare did not bear the mandatory kashruth labels attesting that it was kosher.

As for the flying Torahs, the scroll was made for IsrAir in Aventura, Florida, says the wire service. But to pray you have to coordinate with the flight attendant: if female that could pose a problem for the deeply religious, who are not supposed to talk to the other sex.

Be that as it may, IsrAir commented that the airborne scroll will "enhance the prayers of its passengers at a time they are closer to God", Reuters reports.