Ashkelon Wins Desalination Plant of the Year

The Ashkelon desalination plant was chosen the 2006 "desalination plant of the year" by Global Water Awards in a gala ceremony held in Dubai.

The plant, which cost a billion dollars to build, is the largest of its kind, with a capacity of 320,000 cubic meters per day.

Global Water called the plant "a milestone in reverse osmosis desalination."

The plant was rated as having contributed the most toward promoting the international desalination industry.

It also produces almost the cheapest desalinated water in the world, at 52 cents per cubic meter.

The Ashkelon plant's BOT (build, operate, transfer) contract was awarded back in 2002 with the successful bidders being VID (Veolia Israeli Desalination), a Franco-Israeli developer consortium that includes Dankner Elran Infrastructures, a subsidiary of the Dankner Group, and Dor Alon's Dor Gas.

Elran Infrastructures CEO Oded Frenkel said that winning such a prestigious prize indicates the international market's recognition of the plant's high standards.

The award was established two years ago by the Global Water Intelligence newsletter. Winners are selected by newsletter readers and members of the International Desalination Association.