War Brings Huge Bonuses for Channel 1 Workers

Broadcasting Authority employees reported 12 hours overtime every day

While hundreds of thousands of residents of the North lost their property or livelihoods due to the war, 60 employees of the Israel Broadcasting Authority's Channel 1 television were awarded wartime salary bonuses of NIS 25,000 on average.

The employees reported working 12 overtime hours every day, beyond their usual work quota. In other words, each one worked an average of no less than 20 hours a day for the duration.

According to IBA spokeswoman Linda Bar, the additional payment is for the morning shift occasioned by the special morning news show added to the schedule. The total cost of the additional shift was NIS 1.5 million.

In addition, IBA hired the services of seven of its retired technicians for at least NIS 50,000 each per month.

According to a report submitted Monday to the IBA plenum, the organization is asking for an NIS 8 million budget supplement to make up for the additional expenses. The financial report submitted by Channel 1 to the IBA board this week includes NIS 4.9 million for overtime wages.