Hirchson Hires Motti Scherf as Media Adviser

Embattled finance minister-in-suspension Avraham Hirchson has named public relations master Motti Scherf as his media adviser.

During the last two weeks, Scherf has been advising Hirchson behind the scenes. He also helped Hirchson's affiliates convince the minister to step down for the time being, while the police investigate grave corruption allegations.

Scherf began his career at the spokesman's department of the Finance Ministry, and found himself nearly back there, in essence. Hirchson hired him (personally, not via the ministry) to handle the ruckus that erupted when he found himself accused of embezzling millions from a nonprofit organization, NILI, while serving as chairman of the National Workers Organization.

Scherf is one of the partners of the public relations firm Shalmor-Scherf, which operates out of Bnei Brak. Until recently he also provided PR for the police.