Wheelchair Users to Ride Train for Free for a Year in Israel

The deal is part of a court ruling that approved a compromise in a class action suit against Israel Railways.

Israel Railways

People who use wheelchairs can ride the train for free until November 2, 2016, after a court-approved compromise in a class action suit against Israel Railways went into effect on Sunday.

In December 2007, Efrat Vaknin and Igor Gonopolsky filed a class action against Israel Railways, claiming that it failed to comply with Israel’s Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Law with regard to people who use wheelchairs to get around.

The plaintiffs focused on three main violations: an internal Israel Railways protocol requiring the presence of the station manager to coordinate the travel of people who use wheelchairs, failure to coordinate such trips on peak-travel days (Sunday and Thursday) and failure to allow passengers using wheelchairs to get off at their destination, despite prior coordination and approval.

Passengers will need to use a special Rav-Kav card and provide documentation from the National Insurance Institute or the Defense Ministry in order to be eligible for the benefit.