Engineering, Nursing or Acting? The Best Jobs in Israel

Economy Ministry survey shows young adults which professions are most in demand and where they can expect to earn the highest starting salary.

Hila Weisberg
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Hila Weisberg

Which professionals are most in demand in Israel today? And if you are interested in earning the big bucks, what is the best career path for you?

A career-mapping exercise recently carried out by Israel's Economy Ministry – the results of which are available online  -  provides some answers in an effort to help young people make that all-important decision for their future.

According to the survey, the professionals most in demand by employers in their field (ranked 10 on a scale of 0 to 10) are civil engineers, university-trained computer science personnel, nurses, sports instructors, welders, floor tilers, iron workers on construction jobs, and forepersons in agricultural work.

In general, the ministry found a strong demand for workers in technology-related professions and for applied engineers, as well as for workers in technical occupations. Meanwhile, professionals in fields that are seen as over-saturated are less in demand. Examples include psychologists, pharmacists and tour guides.

Although the legal profession is also regarded as having more workers in supply than there is demand for them, it ranked eight on the Economy Ministry's scale, making it one of the fields where professionals are most in demand by employers.

Demand for workers does not always translate into a high salary, however. Welders and electricians, who are highly sought-after, make between NIS 6,000 and NIS 7,000 a month, while university-trained computer science personnel have starting salaries of NIS 20,000.

Other fields where workers are needed (ranked nine on the Economy Ministry's scale) are the entertainment and marketing industries. Advertising managers, industrial and management engineers, construction forepersons and workers, plumbers and bus drivers are also sought-after in their fields, according to the Economy Ministry.  

Professionals that face low employer demand, with a ranking of one in the ministry's scale, are medical equipment operators, bank clerks, tourist guides, male cabin attendants, tailors and seamstresses. Launderers, print workers and special education teachers also ranked one on the scale.

Earning high

Which professionals earn the highest salaries in Israel? In first place are dentists, with a monthly starting salary of NIS 40,000. Next – albeit by a wide margin - are university-trained computer science personnel, who, as mentioned above, earn NIS 20,000. Also ranking very high on the ladder of lucrative professions are excavation and road-paving forepersons – NIS 15,000 - and power plant operators  - NIS 13,000.

One surprising find of the Economy Ministry's survey is the monthly wage of psychologists. According to the ministry, this is some NIS 15,000. This is surprising because, if you take into consideration the internship period that trainee psychologists have to undertake, and the start of their career (especially if they work in the public sector), psychologists actually earn much less – some NIS10,000 a month.

Got your eye on the Pulitzer? There are plenty of available positions for budding journalists, which ranked seven on the ministry's scale. It found some 179 available positions for journalists in  Israel today, and starting salaries of some NIS9,000 monthly.

Professionals least in demand are waiters and waitresses, movie theater ushers, harvesters employed in agriculture, production workers, salespersons, launderers, male cabin attendants, and childcare workers - all of whom make NIS 4,500 monthly for a part-time position. Actors, actresses and dancers, meanwhile, also have little to smile about when it comes to their monthly salary. This is around NIS 5,000, according to the ministry.

And which occupation wins the prize for employing the largest number of people in Israel? Sales - there are some 96,000 salespersons employed in the country today.

Some of the most sought-after jobs among employers are computer science personnel, dentists and sports instructors.Credit: Dudu bachar, Avisag Shaar Yeshuv and Bloomberg

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