Israelis Hate the State Electric Company, Poll Says

Corruption, high power prices, exorbitant wages – the list goes on. It’s by far the country’s most unloved firm.

Moti Milrod

Israelis love to hate the Israel Electric Corporation, even more than the company with the worst customer service, according to a survey.

The 500 respondents were asked to name the five firms they believed that Israelis liked least. They were not given a list of names.

A full 27% of responses included the IEC – Israelis cited corruption, high power prices, free electricity for employees and outsized wages.

Another 11% of mentions went to multichannel television company Hot, which respondents said had the worst customer service. Hot’s three fields of operations – television, telephony and the Internet – are all low-competition industries.

The three veteran cell-phone companies – Cellcom (6%), Pelephone (4%) and Orange/Partner (3%) – also made the list. These firms were upended by new low-cost players after many consumers felt they had been overcharged over the years.

The others were food company Tnuva (5%), whose high cottage-cheese prices sparked the social-justice protests of 2011; Israel’s two largest banks, Leumi (4%) and Hapoalim (4%); Israel Railways (4%), infamous for its wildcat strikes; and landline communications company Bezeq (3%).

The survey was conducted by research firm Panels and compiled by the faculty for business management at the College of Law and Business.