More Than Half of Israelis Are Happy With Financial Lot

Central Bureau of Statistics reports that most workers are satisfied with their jobs.

Tali Heruti-Sover
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Tali Heruti-Sover

Some 56% of Israelis aged 20 and up report that they’re satisfied with their financial situation, and a full 40% say they expect their situation to improve over the next few years, the Central Bureau of Statistics reported Wednesday.

These figures contrast with some of the more stark social statistics, including that one in three families is in contact with social services, and some 3% of all families say that their adult and child members go entire days without eating.

According to the most recent survey, some 60% of employees are satisfied with their jobs. Some 87% of people who earn more than 14,000 shekels a month before taxes reported being satisfied with their jobs, versus 40% of those who earn up to 3,000 shekels a month, which is less than the minimum wage.

Some 86% of Israelis reported being satisfied with life in general, while 33% say they are very satisfied. Satisfaction with one’s financial status increases with age, found the survey – 54% of people aged 20-44 reported being satisfied, versus 57% of those aged 45-64 and 62% of those aged 65 and up.

Those who said they were satisfied with their financial wellbeing also were more likely to say they expected their financial status to improve.

Meanwhile, 50% of those who say they are unable to cover their expenses say they don’t expect their financial state to change.

Those who reported having a socialist socioeconomic outlook also were more pleased with their wellbeing (41%) than those who said they were capitalists (24%).

A large majority of respondents reported being satisfied with their jobs. A full 87% of respondents said they were satisfied. This figure applies to the self-employed, the salaried, men and women.

Factory workers in Yokne'am.Credit: Ofer Vaknin

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