New 200-shekel Banknote Enters Circulation

With the new 50 and 200 already on the streets, the new 20 and 100 are due next year.

Bank of Israel chief Karnit Flug presenting the new 200-shekel bill, December 2015.
Emil Salman

Israel’s new 200-shekel note entered circulation Wednesday at banks, ATMs and the Postal Bank.

The blue-green bill, currently worth $51, is the second banknote to be released in the Bank of Israel’s new series – it bears the image of poet Nathan Alterman (1910-1970).

The green 50-shekel note has already entered circulation; the 20-shekel and 100-shekel bills are due to be released next year.

The new banknotes boast special features to prevent forgery and ease use for the visually impaired.

The older, red 200-shekel notes, which feature the image of President Zalman Shazar, will gradually be taken out of circulation over the next few years. Shazar was president from 1963 to 1973.