'Golan Telecom' Most Popular Google-search Term This Year

Most popular search question? 'How to make money?'

"Golan Telecom" was the term Israelis searched for the most so far in 2012, according to Google Israel's annual Zeitgeist Index, which the Internet search powerhouse says reflects the mood of the Israeli public.

Other "hot words" this year, according to the survey released Wednesday, included "Revivo's Project," a band that sings modern versions of classic Mizrahi songs.

The third most-searched-for term was "strike," which beat out "Instagram." Others in the top 10 included "Whitney Houston," television personality "Zvika Hadar," and the "Color Red" missile alert warning. The "God Particle" finished tenth.

Another interesting list Google reported on was "How to ...?" questions. Israelis searched for "How to make money?" the most. But close behind was a query about how to get a medical excuse to stay home from the army. After that came "How to make children?"

Other favorites were "How to attract women?" "How to French kiss?" "How to divorce properly?" "How to tan properly?" "How to stop smoking?" and "How to be accepted?"

What's it really worth?

As for news and current events, the biggest query was "Operation Pillar of Defense." After that came "general strike," and then "Moshe Silman," the man who set himself on fire at a Tel Aviv social protest.

Other heavily searched-for terms included "Olympics," Hurricane "Sandy," and the "terrorist attack in Burgas."

iPhone 5 was a big hit as was the Friv gaming site, as well as a number of television shows.

Search popularity was also reflected in the price, in other words the price paid by advertisers per click for their ads appearing along with the search terms. Tomer Hen, owner of an Internet marketing company, found the average cost for a clicked-on ad from the "Golan Telecom" search was NIS 6.52. The price per click for "strike" was only 43 agorot. For "How to make money?" the price was NIS 5.95.

"The price of advertising on Google is set by supply and demand, but also according to the relevance to the search," said Hen. "Google's system will not allow you to place, for example, the word 'insurance' on a dating site. These factors affect the price."

The minimum price per click is 38 agorot, and the average price for what is considered a "quality click" is about NIS 4-5, said Hen.

Shuka Cohen