Israeli Court Evicts Tel Aviv Tenant Over Wild Parties

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What is the monthly rental fee that Yitzhak Dankner, the father of major IDB shareholder Nochi Danker, receives for his apartment in the prestigious YOO Towers in Tel Aviv's Park Tzameret neighborhood?

In November 2011 Dankner Sr. rented out his apartment for NIS 10,000 a month, not including management fees. But because the tenant threw wild parties at least once a week, Dankner received a warning letter from the building representatives and the management company, warning that if the nuisances did not stop immediately he would be sued personally for a huge sum in compensation, and that the company considers Dankner directly and personally responsible for any nuisance or disturbance in the apartment.

Dankner was forced to file a request in the Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court to evict the tenant from the apartment. Attorney Lior Gutwirt of the Goldfarb Seligman firm claimed that "The tenant did not evacuate the rented property at the end of the period specified in the rental contract, violated the contract by causing noise and repeated nuisances to the entire building on numerous occasions, and refrained from transferring the ongoing invoices in his name."

Dankner attached to the lawsuit warning letters he had sent to the tenant, in which he noted that for a long time he had been receiving numerous complaints from neighbors in the building and from the management company, to the effect that "the tenant has turned the apartment into a focus of noise and nuisance, with loud noises frequently emerging from the apartment at unreasonable hours."

Now residents of the YOO Tower can breathe easy. According to the compromise settlement recently approved by the Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court, the tenant is expected to evacuate the apartment.

Tel Aviv's Yoo and Tzameret towers. A rise in supply has held prices steady.Credit: David Bachar

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