Israeli Clothing Chain Fox to Open Store in Ramallah

Clothing retailer set to be first Israeli chain to expand into Palestinian Authority market; the store will be run by Palestinian franchise owner.

The Fox clothing chain will open its first store in the Palestinian Authority-controlled West Bank in the city of Ramallah. The new store will be run by a local franchise owner and will sell clothing to women, men and children. Recently, an ad was displayed on a billboard in Ramallah announcing the store's planned opening. Fox also confirmed this.

In April, Fox's founder and CEO Harel Wizel unveiled the chain's expansion plan, but no one expected it would include opening a store in the PA-controlled West Bank. It appears that Fox's constant desire for expansion dovetailed with the desire of Palestinian investors to open businesses, particularly those representing foreign brands, in Ramallah. Fox currently operates 300 stores and plans to grow to 435 stores by 2015. 

Recently, media have reported on the efforts of business figures in the West Bank to entice Swedish furniture chain IKEA to open a Ramallah store. Representatives of IKEA's global franchising group even met with the PA's economy minister a month ago to discuss the matter. 

Fox owns - among other brands - Fox Home and has a stake in the retail chains Billabong, Laline and Sack's. The company also recently signed a franchise agreement with the American children's clothing chain, The Children's Place.

Nir Kafri