Israeli Army Inks $127-million Deal With Elbit to Develop Next Generation of Artillery Cannons

The cannons are expected to improve the effectiveness of the army’s artillery, requiring fewer soldiers to operate them and cutting maintenance costs

File photo: An Israeli mobile artillery drives through sandy terrain during a military exercise in the Golan Heights, September 19, 2012.

Elbit Systems, the Israeli electronics defense contractor, signed a contract on Wednesday with the Defense Ministry to develop the next generation of IDF artillery cannons.

According to the agreement, the Israeli government will purchase 460 million shekels ($127 million) worth of the new self-propelled cannons from Elbit over the next 12 years, which are to replace the army’s current arsenal.

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The new cannon system will have automatic loading and aiming capabilities. It will also be able to automatically chose the right shell, charge thrust and fuze needed for each mission.

The new cannon is expected to improve effectiveness and efficiency within the army's artilery. It requires fewer soldiers to operate and costs significantly less to maintain than the current cannons. Elbit will need to provide an all-inclusive, 20-year maintenance array, and establish a training simulator for soldiers who will be operating the cannons.