WATCH: Interactive Video Seeks to Rebrand Israel

Video produced by pro-Israel advocacy organization StandWithUs shows a tourist arriving in Israel whose itinerary is determined by choices the viewer makes in real time.

Amir Teig
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Screenshot of StandWithUs' 'Israel - Your Way' video.
Amir Teig

Student-volunteers with the pro-Israel advocacy organization StandWithUs have produced an interactive video that seeks to rebrand Israel as a place to find fun, adventure, and even love. 

The video, entitled "Israel - Your Way," begins with a foreign backpacker arriving in Israel; immediately upon his arrival, the viewer of the video gets to decide where he gets to go. Clicking on one of the options provides the tourist with the experience the viewer chooses for him.

Thus, the tourist moves between a wide variety of experiences and locations, such as Tel Aviv pubs, Jerusalem’s holy sites, parties, desert hikes in the south, or extreme sports in the north, all in accordance with what the viewer chooses for him. He even falls in love with a local girl in one of the scenarios.

The video was produced using technology developed by the Israeli firm Interlude, which provides several opportunities for viewers to control the development of the video’s plot. The site where the video is hosted was developed by WIX, whose offices make a cameo appearance in the video. Interlude, owned by Yoni Bloch and Barak Feldman, also helped produce the clip.

The video has been translated into eight languages, has been adopted by the Foreign and Tourism Ministries, and will be distributed by Israeli representative offices all over the world.