Eliran Rubin
Eliran Rubin

Google is buying Israeli-American content sharing startup Kifi, according to an announcement on Kifi’s website.

The company was founded by Israelis Ishay Smith and Dan Blumenfeld in Silicon Valley. It will be joining Google’s development team for its Spaces app in order to develop products for sharing content among friends and groups.

The price was not specified.

The startup was founded in 2012 under the name Forty Two, but it is primarily identified with its product, Kifi.

Kifi is an acronym for “keep it find it.” The platform enables users to save and tag anything they find online, including articles, videos and pictures.

These items then appear at the top of their search preferences, alongside other relevant items as well as things that their friends have saved.

The product resembles that of another online service, Evernote.

Kifi recently unveiled the option of improved organizational communication. It also enables users to conduct group chats regarding specific items of content on that content’s page.

“The mission at Kifi has always been to connect people with knowledge,” the company stated in a public announcement on the blog website Medium.

“We see a lot of alignment to Google’s mission to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

Kifi’s service will not become part of Google, but will be available for the next few weeks, the company stated. After that it will be shut down.