Get Taxi to Get Pizza, Too

Daniel Schmil
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Shahar Smirin, founder of Get Taxi.Credit: Daniel Bar-On
Daniel Schmil

Get Taxi, Israel’s answer to the ubiquitous ride-sharing app Uber, is changing its name and will begin offering a wide range of services starting in July, the company said on Tuesday.

Under its new name Gett, the name it already uses in New York, the company will be letting users do everything from ordering a pizza to hiring a plumber and paying for its services by credit card through its mobile app. Gett will also continue to provide its taxi-ordering service, which matches licensed cabs with riders.

“Gett is expanding into new verticals — think Gett Pizza, Gett Sushi, Gett Grocery, Gett Wine, Gett Flowers, Gett Dry Cleaning and Gett Plumber,” said CEO Shahar Waiser. “We’ve been working on this strategic technology for the last 12 months, and the launch in July will fundamentally change how people consume essential services and products.”

All service providers have to sign a partnership agreement with Gett, so users will be limited to where they can source the services. But the company is promising that in most cases delivery will be made within just 10 minutes.

Launched in 2011 as GetTaxi, the company’s smartphone app and website work similarly to rivals like Uber and Hailo. But the taxi market has run up against opposition from drivers and government officials, while suffering embarrassing security lapses. The British startup Hailo was recently forced to pull out of the American market.

Uber, which has raised $4 billion since it was founded — to Gett’s $200 million — has been offering delivery services for some time and yesterday unveiled its UberEATS, a food delivery service, in New York City and Chicago.

Waiser took a swipe at Uber yesterday, asserting that it was not doing as well as is widely perceived. “Every place outside the United States Uber is No. 2 and right now it’s battling to increase its market share,” he said. “Israel isn’t the only place where Uber has failed. They’ve succeeded in the U.S. but every player succeeds in his home country,” he said.

In Israel, Gett will be launching its wider service offerings in the Gush Dan (greater Tel Aviv area) in July and will gradually expand its across the country. The company said it had already invested 6 million shekels ($1.55 mllion,) even before hiring workers. It offered no estimates of revenues from the new services but does expect $500,000 from taxi services.

“Our strategy is to focus on markets where we already operate, where demand is strongest for taxis, and to establish ourselves there,” Waiser said. “We want to give more value to our customers and offer them more services.”