Report: Israel's Median Income per Capita Higher Than in Singapore, Spain

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Israel ranks 21 out of 131 in terms of median annual per capita income based on Gallup poll survey results released this week, with a median annual per capita income of $7,487. (Because of Gallup’s methodology, the income figures it reports are vastly lower those cited by the OECD, World Bank and other bodies.)

The survey, based on data from 2006 to 2012, found that median annual per capita income in Israel was higher than in countries like Spain, Italy, Singapore and Kuwait. Countries that did better than Israel included Ireland, Slovenia, Hong Kong and Belgium. The survey also found that Israel’s median annual household income was $30,364, similar to the figures for the United Kingdom and France and higher than countries like Belgium, Spain and Ireland.

To gather the data, Gallup sent questionnaires to at least 2,000 people in each country. Respondents were asked to provide their total pre-tax monthly incomes, including money from family abroad, labor, agriculture and other sources.

A large disparity was found between the countries in the survey, with media annual per capita income in the top 10 countries more than and 50 times that in the bottom 10 countries. The list was led by Norway, which had median annual per capita income during the survey years of $19,308 and a median annual household income of $51,489. It was followed on the list by Sweden, Luxembourg, Denmark, Finland, the United States, Australia, the Netherlands and Germany.

Israeli shekels are worth more in euro or dollar terms than for many years.Credit: Reuters
Israeli protesters hold signs asking, 'where is the money?' and 'no to austerity measures.'Credit: Tomer Appelbaum

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